Hemera Developer Documentation for Hemera Aegis (1.x)

This is the pre-release documentation for Hemera Aegis. It contains full documentation for the Host tools supplied with Hemera SDK and API reference for Hemera's Qt5 SDK.

Hemera SDK is freely released and available to anyone. It has no limitations whatsoever and allows for unlimited application development and deployment on the provided emulator. On the other hand, you will need a valid Hemera license on your boards or a board with Hemera preloaded to be able to deploy on the actual device.

Please go to the "Topics" section for full documentation on the available tools for development and deployment, tutorials, examples and more. The "API Reference" tab provides instead full reference for all of the Qt5 and Python SDK, and for each configuration object available in Hemera.

You can download Hemera SDK through the links below, and if you plan on using Hemera for evaluation purposes only, you can also download a generic Emulator which will allow you to develop applications locally. If you bought an Hemera subscription instead, you should have received a Hemera Target Virtual Machine for your device. If you bought a board with Hemera preloaded instead, your vendor should have supplied you with the correct Hemera emulator for it. If not, please contact its support or, ultimately, Ispirata's support to get the emulator.

From time to time, we also create Hemera Free SDK packages, which ship free Emulators and images for popular open source devices, such as the Raspberry Pi. These packages are meant for evaluation only, and do not necessarily feature everything available in commercial Hemera subscription, nor are guaranteed to be production-quality. They comes with no warranty and for personal and/or evaluation purposes only. Please refer to our Free SDK page for further details and to download the available images.

Regardless, every SDK contains all the required tools for developing, building, testing and deploying, even without any physical device.

The available downloads at the moment are:

Hemera Aegis SDK
Linux 64 bit - coming soon!
Hemera Aegis SDK
Mac OS X 64 bit - coming soon!
Hemera Aegis SDK
Windows 32 bit - coming soon!
Hemera Aegis Generic x86 Emulator
All platforms - coming soon!