Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate Class Reference

Represents an available, and uninstalled, system update. More...

#include <HemeraSoftwareManagement/SystemUpdate>

Public Member Functions

 SystemUpdate ()
 Creates an invalid system update. More...
bool isValid () const
QString version () const
quint64 downloadSize () const
qint32 installedSize () const
quint16 packagesNumber () const
QString changelog () const

Detailed Description

Represents an available, and uninstalled, system update.

SystemUpdate represents a system update known to the SoftwareManager. This class is meant to review the update and to submit the update to the SoftwareManager in case it should be installed. For every Hemera system, it might exist one and only one System Update at a time.

SystemUpdate is an implicitly shared object.
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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::SystemUpdate ( )

Creates an invalid system update.

Member Function Documentation

bool Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::isValid ( ) const
Whether this SystemUpdate is valid
QString Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::version ( ) const
The Hemera version the system will be updated to
quint64 Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::downloadSize ( ) const
The download size, in bytes, of this update
qint32 Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::installedSize ( ) const
The delta, in bytes, of the installed system size after the update
quint16 Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::packagesNumber ( ) const
The number of packages this update affects
QString Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate::changelog ( ) const
The changelog between updates of the updateable application