Hemera Software Management


class  Hemera::SoftwareManagement::ApplicationPackage
 Represents an application on the system, or an installable application. More...
class  Hemera::SoftwareManagement::ApplicationUpdate
 Represents an available, and uninstalled, application update. More...
class  Hemera::SoftwareManagement::ProgressReporter
 Provides progress information over Software Management operation. More...
class  Hemera::SoftwareManagement::Repository
 Represents a Software Repository. More...
class  Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SoftwareManager
 Provides access to Hemera's software management, such as updates and application installation and removal. More...
class  Hemera::SoftwareManagement::SystemUpdate
 Represents an available, and uninstalled, system update. More...


typedef QList
< Hemera::SoftwareManagement::ApplicationPackage
typedef QList
< Hemera::SoftwareManagement::ApplicationUpdate
typedef QList
< Hemera::SoftwareManagement::Repository

Detailed Description

Hemera Software Management allows applications to interact with Hemera's Software Manager, if available, and to introspect system services. To be used, it requires some specific features to be enabled in the application manifest. Please consult Hemera::Qml::Settings::Sandbox documentation to learn more about this.

It is contained in the Hemera::SoftwareManagement:: namespace.

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